Interior Remodel Design

From minor redesigns to complete remodels, we offer our expertise and advice to help you plan and implement changes to your space that are aesthetically pleasing, time-enduring and cost-effective.

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  • The site analysis plays a crucial role in the design process.
     A thorough site evaluation forms the essential foundation for a cost-effective and efficient approach to project development. 
    It involves evaluating the potential site's environmental impact, impacts on the community and adjacent properties.
    Our site evaluation services help clients compare sites, evaluate options, and understand development parameters, giving them negotiating leverage for making the best offer possible. 

    Zoning and building code analysis
     Building and site evaluation for purchase or development
    Finding and negotiating the purchase, or lease of real estate

  • Our Architectural design expertise acknowledges the evolving requirements for the work place setting with innovative solutions for flexible floor plans, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and sustainable options that promote the  health and well-being of the entire employee culture. 

    We keep our focus on the client's vision throughout the entire planning process. 
    Our team maps out the most efficient use of a project's resources financially, physically, and culturally.  

    Our designs encourage interaction and collaboration while maintaining our client's requirements for privacy and security.

    Using the latest resources available in building research and design technology, our team approaches each project with early planning so that the critical decisions can be made, and the design and construction process can be streamlined. 

  • The workplace environment should enhance the human experience by creating an atmosphere of well-being and community.
    Whether the client prefers a design style that favors a more traditional look or wants to create a sleek contemporary feel, the goal of our interior design consultant is to study the client's business culture and create a great interior space that fosters human interaction and productivity.

    Interior design works best as a team-based effort that forms its concept for development through collaboration with the architect, business consultants and of course most importantly the client.
    We offer a collection of the materials used by our interior design team such as finishes, fabrics, and graphic art images to give our client an in-depth understanding of our vision for their space. Our interior design process allows for flexibility and cost-effective solutions that provide space planning, interior detailing, selection and specification of furnishing, and lighting design.